To make a User Task functional in Atlas Play, you'll need to fill your Sections with Fields. Each Field can serve a multitude of functions, from displaying something, to gathering data, to allowing things such as field uploads or offering drop down menus.

How do you add a Field in Atlas Play?

To add a field in Atlas Play, you first need a Section for that field to go in. To find out more about Sections, head on over to our article Creating a Section. They're simple to create and edit and every User Task you place in Atlas Play comes with one Section as standard.

With a User Task selected and the Edit section button clicked, you'll see the option to Add a New Field.

Give it a click and you'll see that you need to select a field mode and choose a Data Store Item to populate it.

What are the available Field Modes?

There are three different Field Modes to choose from when creating a Field in Atlas Play:

  • Entry Fields enable fields that allow users to input something, whether that's text, a number, or even upload a file.

  • Entry - Select Fields allow you to offer your users a drop down menu with pre-defined options to select from.

  • Display Fields allow you to display something to your user, from text, to numbers, to images, to hyperlinks, and more.

For more in-depth looks at the various types of Field Mode you can choose from, click the linked articles in the list above.

What are Data Store Items?

Data Store Items are the elements you create within the Data Store that make Fields, and in turn Tasks and Processes, function. They're important enough to require a whole article to themselves, so to learn more head over to our article Data Store - How does it work? and find out everything you need to know.

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