A Section is exactly what it sounds like, a section in a User Task that can be filled with things. In most cases this will be Fields, which we'll get into in our article Adding a Field.

Why would you add a Section to your User Task?

Without Sections, your User Tasks won't have any content. It's within Sections that we can add User Fields which are the functional building blocks of Atlas.

Each Section you add can also allow you to organise the content within your User Task. Similar inputs can be put in similar Sections and separated from other Sections that cater to different needs.

How do you add a Section to your User Task?

If you click on a User Task in Atlas Play, the Details Panel on the right hand side will display the current details of the selected Task. By default, when you create a User Task it will come with a pre-made Section, titled Section.

To add another Section to your User Task, simply press the Add New Section button.

You can edit a Section by clicking the edit icon.

In the Section Edit display you'll be able to rename the Section and give it a description.

  • The Title will be what the User sees when running this particular User Task.

  • The Description is there to help understand how the Section is being used from a Process Mappers perspective..

You can use the Update button to update the section with any changes you've made, and you can use the Add New Field button to add a new field. Jump over to our next article, Adding a Field to find out more.

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