The Auto Start function allows users to jump directly into Tasks, or move on to new Tasks, with the greatest of ease.

To enable Auto Start it's as simple as ticking the Auto Start option in the Properties Panel.

Now, when you publish your Process and choose the "Start" option you won't need to go to find it before completing it. Atlas will instead automatically run the first Task in the Process, assuming you match the user roles assigned to it.

Any Task that has Auto Start leading on from a completed Task will also start as soon as the previous Task has been completed, again assuming you are assigned the correct user role.

If you don't match the user role(s) assigned to a Task that's due to Auto Start, the relevant user(s) will be notified. They will be able to claim it and once they do, the Task will Auto Start! The first user to claim the Task will be the one who gets the opportunity to complete it.

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