It is entirely possible to make a Process without any gateways at all. In fact, many simple Processes won't require them. But the more complex and branching a Process becomes, the more likely the need for Gateways is.

Potentially, you could get around using Gateways, but doing so might leave you with a clunky Process that could be mapped better.

An example of a No Gate Process

It is possible to generate a Process without any gates and branching can be achieved by simply connecting one Task to another. In the below example the Process will run and execute. However, the following will be the result.

Tasks 1, 2, 3, 6, 7, 8, will be called once

Task 4 will be called twice

Task 5 will be called three times

This diagram has a number of Bad practices within it including -

  • Multiple calls to the same Task

  • Branching without the use of Gateways

However, this is a legal method of creating a process flow, but the user should be careful when using these techniques in their Processes.

Because Task 4 and Task 5 can be called multiple times the system will stack these instances together. The system will present these one at a time to the user. This is deemed to be of bad practice and should be avoided at all costs as it will result in confusion over the intent of the multiple calls.

This could potentially be solved by correctly drawing the flow as per this example:

This example has been given to show that the flow of tasks can be as simple as a point-to-point connection. However, this should be avoided when a split in the flow of the process is required, as in Task 1 and Task 3. Gateways should be used to define the flow and show from a visual perspective the points where the Process flow splits.

Even though this is an improvement, but making use of Gateways, we can reach peak efficacy in our Process mapping. Below you can find the articles that discuss each type of Gateway available and how they can be used.

Exclusive Gateways

Inclusive Gateways

Parallel Gateways

Head on over to any or all of them to get the low-down on how to properly use Gateways in Atlas Play! We also have a look at how a combination of Gateways can provide exceptional results.

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