Unsurprisingly, a Display Field is a field that displays something! Let's take a look at how you use them and why you might want to.

Why would you use a Display Field?

Being able to display something is a useful thing when mapping a Process because not everything you want to communicate can come across in Field and Section descriptions. Sometimes you need some extra text to provide context and instruction.

You might also want to display something that's been entered by a user early in the Process. For example, you could have an HR Process that collects a potential employees information. This would mean using Entry Fields to collect this data using a Data Store Item. You could then use that same Data Store Item to display the data entered earlier on in the Process.

How do you create a Display Field?

Creating a Display Field is as easy as adding any other field to a Task. All you need to do is choose or create a section within a User Task, add in a field, and select the relevant Data Store Item and fill in the relevant details.

The above example shows how to add in a Display Field with a text input. But you can use Display Fields to show hyperlinks, numbers, the answers to drop down selections, or any number of things. Have a Play and see what you can come up with!

What's next?

Now you should get in there and experiment for yourself! If you get stuck at any point or need some advice on how best to use Display Fields, you can contact Atlas Support by clicking on the icon in the bottom left of your screen.

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