Uploading a file can serve many uses in Atlas. But to do so, you'll need to add an Entry Field into a Task within a Process, using the correct type of Data Store Item. Let's take a look at how you do that and why you might want to.

Why would you want to upload a file in a Process?

Atlas Play allows you to create Processes for your business. These can help you organise your workflows, automate almost every part of your business, and help you transform your business digitally.

But there's some things you can't create within Atlas that might be essential within a Process. For example, within an HR process, you might need a new employee to upload a copy of their ID. Within an ordering Process, you might need a 3rd party invoice to be uploaded. Within a manufacturing Process, you may need schematics or visual checks to be uploaded in the form of technical drawings or a photograph.

How do you create a File Upload Field?

To start with, you'll need to create a File Upload Data Store Item. When creating the item, you'll need to choose File, under Object, as the Data Type, and name it appropriately.

Then you need to do is choose or create a section within a User Task, add in a field, and select the Entry Field option and select the Data Store Item you've created.

You'll then be able to amend the title for the field, and add a description which will be displayed when the user reaches this Task in the Process.

As with many fields, you can choose whether this is a required step in the Task and Process by ticking the 'Is Required' box.

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