To add an email notification to any User Task, all you need to do is tick the Send email on Ready option. This will email the Process Owner if no User Roles are assigned to this Task, or all users in any assigned User Role.

You can add as many User Roles as necessary and anyone assigned to those User Roles will receive an email notification when the Task has the Ready status. For more information on statuses, read our article on Task Statuses and Actions.

When a Task becomes Ready and you’ve chosen to send emails to the relevant users, an email will be sent out to their associated email address with a link to the Task in question.

The first user to follow the link in their email notification, will claim the Task. Any subsequent clicks of the link will find it invalid, so get in there quick!

If you are the Process Owner, when you follow the link you will see the Task status shows the Task has already been Reserved for you.

Pro Tip: If the first Task in a Process is a User Task, but doesn't need a User Role assigned, there's not much need to send out an email notification as whoever starts the Process will become the process owner and will see the Task in question!

NB: Notifications will only ever be sent out when the Send email on Ready option has been selected.

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