When using the search and filter functions in Run you can end up with a complex set of options that you might want to save for later.

To do so, you can select Add Favourite to make that search easily repeatable. This is a great method for saving time later if you find yourself searching for Tasks using the same criteria often. For example; Task Name, Process Name, Particular Context Tags, Due Date etc.

To learn more you can read about Using Tags in Atlas Play and How to Sort and Filter Your Tasks.

If you click the filters button next to the search box, which displays your filtering options, you’ll see the button to Add Favourite. Once you've set up your required filtering and search options, you can hit Add Favourite to save that set of choices.

Once you’ve hit Add Favourite, you’ll be given a popup where you can name your favourite.

By entering a name and hitting Add, you’ll have saved these search criteria along with the relevant filters to your favourites list.

When you go to Run in future, you can hit the Favourites button to the right of Filters.

By selecting your saved favourite, it will apply the search criteria you’ve saved.

If you’d like to remove any saved favourites, hit the ‘x’ next to the relevant favourite and it will be removed.

NB: Clearing your browser cache will remove any favourites.

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