By putting a select option field into a User Task in Atlas Play, you have the opportunity to present a set of predefined options to the user completing that Task. These options must be entered manually by yourself.

How do you create a select option field?

As with most fields, you need to start by adding a field into a section that you've already defined. Simply click on that section, then click the Add Field button.

From there you can either pick Select Option Field or Select Field (Remote). To begin with we'll take a look at the first option.

Once you've added in your Select Option Field, you can begin to edit it as you would with any other field, by clicking the pencil icon on the field.

From there you'll see the default setup of a Select Option Field. You can add in a description, whether the field is required to complete the Task, and whether it has any dependencies.

For more information on that, head over to our article How to use Dependent Fields in Atlas Play.

You'll also be able to add in the options you wish to present the user. By default, Yes and No are pre-loaded into the options, with the values true and false respectively. These values are what you'll need if you refer to them later in the process, for example when using Gateways and Expressions.

You're free to delete the default options loaded and to add in your own set of options, but be sure to remember which values you've given to each option so you can refer back to them later.

NB: Enter new options before you delete the default ones as Atlas won't allow you delete every option.

How select option fields look in Run

When you encounter a select option field in a Task in Run, you'll see the field displaying all of the details entered in Map

By clicking the drop down box, you'll see the options entered in Map

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