By putting an Entry - Select Field into a User Task in Atlas Play, you have the opportunity to present a set of predefined options to the user completing that Task.

How do you create an Entry Select Field?

As with a standard Entry Fields you will first need to create a Data Store Item that corresponds to the type of Entry - Select Field you want to include in your User Task.

For example, if you wanted to offer a set of nationalities for a user to choose from, you could use the String Data Type, and the Text Item Format. That would allow you to enter text as your options.

Once you have your Data Store Item you'll need to add it into your field. For that, head over to the Details Panel of the appropriate User Task and either add or amend a Section so you can add in your Entry - Select Field.

Once you've clicked the Add New Field button you can go about populating your field with your Data Store Item and the relevant information.

Now that you have the basics in, it's time to add options. These are the selections that a user can make from the drop down you are adding to the Task. To start, click the Add Option button.

Each option has a Label which is what will be displayed to a user, and a Key, which is what the Process Mapper can use further on in the Process, for example when deciding a route through a Gateway.

What other types of Entry - Select fields are there?

What we've shown here will produce a simple drop down menu with text based options defined by the Process Mapper. But that's not all you can do. You could have choose to have the user select a predefined set of numbers, or dates, or any number of other things. As always, we suggest the user have a Play and find out what works for them!

How select option fields look in Run

When you encounter a select option field in a Task in Run, you'll see the field displaying all of the details entered in Map

By clicking the drop down box, you'll see the options entered in Map

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