Atlas is built on collaboration and user roles play a huge part in that. Tasks can be assigned to user roles. That means that anyone with that user role can pick up and complete a Task assigned to it.

For more information on when it's best to assign a user role to a task, head over to our article Process Owners and Assigned User Roles.

Users can have one or many user roles and user roles can be assigned to many different users. That means that one person can fill many boots and Tasks can be completed by a diverse set of people.

Viewing User Roles

Anyone can access the Roles section from the main navigation in Atlas and view all of the user roles within your workspace. By clicking on any of the roles in particular, you'll see a list of users associated with that role.

Adding User Roles

To add a user role, you'll need company admin access. If and when you have this access, you can add a user role simply by navigating to the Roles section and clicking the Add Role button in the top right.

In either card view, as below:

Or in table view, as below:

From there you can add the name of the role, give it a description and assign a colour for easy recognition.

Adding users to a role

If you click the View button, you'll be taken to a details screen where you can see each user that's assigned to that User Role. From here, you can click Add Users to add one or more new user to the role.

You will be shown a pop-up where you can add in the desired user's email. You can add as many users to the list as you choose.

Once you're happy with the additions, hit the Continue button. Otherwise hit Cancel if you need to exit the procedure. Once you hit Continue, the user, or users, you've selected should now be added to the User Role.

NB: Should you want to remove a user from a role, simply click the Remove button next to the user and confirm your choice.

Editing a role card

If you'd like to edit any role card, you can do so by clicking the three dots in the top right of the role card, or the three dots on the right hand side of the table view and select Edit.

From here you can amend the role as per the image below:

Inviting users to your workspace

To invite new users to your workspace you will need company admin access. If you have that access you can click the Invite User button found in the Roles area.

Enter the name of the user you'd like to add, along with their email, and hit send. They will then receive an email notifying them they've been added to your workspace.

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