Data makes the world go round, but without a way to visualise and understand its significance, data can be a real head spinner. That’s why Atlas Boost allows you to create custom dashboards based on the processes you’ve mapped in Atlas Play.

A wide range of data can be displayed in custom dashboards that automatically update as your processes are run, amended and improved. This means you can actively track how your processes affect your KPIs and goals in an easy and effective way.

Dashboards can visualise information such as:

  • Data about processes - When they were last/first run, amount of times they’ve been run, who’s run them, where they’ve run them and more

  • Reports built on data collected via a process - sales figures, leads, manufacturing numbers, event attendees and more

  • Machine data - Information that’s fed into your processes automatically by integrated equipment, such as sensor data overtime, quality control information, maintenance statistics and more

These are just some examples of what dashboards can do for you, but the possibilities are only limited by your scope and imagination.

To create a custom dashboard, or find out more about what dashboards can do, contact our support using the icon on the bottom right hand of the screen. You will also need to give our article Get to know your interface - Dashboards a read.

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