When you select a user task when mapping a process in map you will have the option to set a due date for the current task.

You can select two different options here:

  • Hours to start is how long an assigned user has to begin this task

  • Hours to complete is how long an assigned user has to finish a task once it has been started

NB: By default, due dates will be 'Hours to start: 24' and 'Hours to complete: 2'

Once a due date has been set, it will appear on the task card in Run and Home when the process has been published and started, and the task is ready.

Sorting and filtering by due dates

With a due date set, you can use sorting and filtering to find tasks based on their due date. You can sort your tasks by due dates that are due:

  • Today

  • Tomorrow

  • In the next seven days

  • Or are already overdue

Due date indicators

Depending on whether a task is within its due date, on its due date, or overdue, your due date icon will change.

A grey due date icon indicates that the due date of the task hasn't been reached yet

A yellow due date icon indicates that today is the task in question's due date

A red due date icon indicates that a due date has been exceeded and a task is overdue

Changing the due date from the task card

You can also choose to change the due date of a task by clicking on the due date icon.

Once you've clicked on the due date indicator, you'll be given a drop down calendar where you can choose a new due date.

If the new due date means the task is no longer over due, due today or now overdue, the indicator will change accordingly.

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