By publishing a process you're making it available to run from Share. So long as user has the permission to run it, the user can start it! The first Task in the Process will be created, where this is a user task a Task card will be available for it in Run and Home to the users that have the relevant permissions so it can be started by the user.

To understand which Tasks are displayed to you in Run and Home, read our article on Task Statuses and Actions.

Once the first Task has been completed, the next Task in the Process will be created. Each subsequent user Task that is created by the process will be available in Run and Home to the relevant users.

Publishing a Process

Once you decide to publish a process, so long as its suitably configured, press the publish button and you'll be shown the below screen. At this point you can choose to remap your process or can start it straight away! If you don't need to do either right now, you can always close the pop-up and you will see the Share view with your published process listed.

If you select Start, Atlas Play will create the workflow based on your process map. That means Atlas Play will create tasks in the correct order and will pass user tasks to the relevant users.

When a user task is ready to start, you will see this in Run and Home and it's status icon will be shown as RESERVED or READY. You can read about all the possible statuses available in our article on Task Statuses and Actions.

As users complete tasks, Atlas Play will create and provide the subsequent tasks in the workflow that you've mapped out in the process.

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