We are committed to continuously improving Atlas Play and all our other applications and regularly bringing you updates with new features, improvements and bug fixes.

We understand it's important for you to be updated on all new features and changes to the application, and we want to make that as easy as possible.

There are 3 different ways of staying in the loop whenever we update the app:

The Atlas Changelog

Email notifications

Our Customer Support Chat

Let's get into more detail.

The Atlas Changelog

Atlas Changelog: In App

You can access the Atlas changelog directly from the app, by clicking on the triangle icon in the navigation bar. That will open a sidebar with all the latest updates.

Whenever there is a new release and the changelog is updated, you will see a horizontal banner in the navigation bar letting you know that there's something new. By clicking on the banner, the changelog sidebar will open.

You can leave your feedback for each new update by simply typing it at the end of the article and clicking on the envelope icon to send.

Atlas Changelog: Anywhere

If you prefer can also access the Atlas Changelog directly by clicking on the link below: https://announcekit.app/weareatlas/atlas-changelog

Saving that link in your bookmarks will enable you to get speedy access whenever you like, if you are not in the app.

Email Notifications

If you'd like to receive email notifications and get updates directly to your email, without having to log in to the application, you can easily subscribe from the Atlas Changelog.

You can go directly to the Changelog from this link: https://announcekit.app/weareatlas/atlas-changelog

Or, you can access Changelog from the app by clicking on the link icon next to the title in the changelog sidebar.

Once you access the Atlas Changelog, simply click on Subscribe to Updates in the navigation bar.

By entering your email address and confirming it, you will receive all updates straight to your inbox as soon as they are released.

Our Customer Support Chat

We make sure to let you know about all updates through our customer support chat, that you can access in the left bottom corner of the app.

As soon as you log in to the application after a new release, a message will pop up from the chat with a reminder and a few details on the update.

All the updates details live in changelog, so we will direct you there to read more about the fine details.

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