So, you've gone through the journey of mapping a process and you're ready to hit publish. There's a few things you need to check before you hit that button, to be sure that you're process will publish without any hitches.

Are all of your tasks configured as a type?

It doesn't matter so much what type of task you configure, but you have to pick one before you publish! It's easy to see unconfigured tasks as they will be displayed in your diagram canvas with just an outline and a white background.

If you select an unconfigured task then select the spanner icon, you'll have a list of options for configuring your task. On the other hand, if you want all of your unconfigured tasks to become user tasks, you can use the lasso tool.

Are your gateways configured correctly?

One thing that will stop you from publishing your process is if you haven't configured your gateways properly. That means making sure you've selected the right kind of gateway for the right situation, as well as configuring the pathways that lead off from your gateway correctly.

A clear sign of poorly configured gateways will be the dotted red lines of the paths that lead to or from your gateways. This is Atlas Play's way of letting you know you need to double check your task configuration or gateway expressions.

NB: The dotted red lines aren't the only easy tell. If any element of your process map is showing up as red, you'll need to check it's configured correctly before you publish.

Hitting publish on your process

With everything configured and ready to go, you can hit the publish button. If everything has gone well and you're process is configured correctly, well done, you've published a process!

You will see the below screen which will provide a few details based on the process you've published.

Your published process in Run and Home

The above details will be displayed on the task card in Run and Home for any users roles that have the correct user permissions to Run or Share your published process.

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