How to decide when to assign a role to a task

Assigning a user role to a task means you're giving a certain set of people access to start tasks in the process from Run and Home.

By assigning user roles to tasks, you give those user roles the job of completing that task. You may, for example, begin mapping a process and realise that you want someone with relevant knowledge or experience to complete that task.

When a task has no user role assigned, when the published process runs, the task will only display on the Home or Run view for the user that started the Process that contains the task. This user is known as the Process Owner.

By default, a user who starts a process will become the process owner. You can control who is allowed to start the process by using the Run permissions. As that user started the process, they will receive all tasks in the process as they are created if the tasks are not assigned to a role.

If the process owner wishes to pass the process on to someone else, they can follow the steps outlined in our article on reassigning a process owner.

Assigning a user role for a particular task within a process

You may want specific steps or tasks to be completed by particular user roles which are different from the process owner.

For example, an employee may want to book some holiday. That means your holiday booking process should be open to everyone in your business. However, certain tasks within that process will need to be completed by specific roles. For example, a line manager might need to sign off on a holiday request or HR might need to load details into timekeeping software.

Not assigning a role to the feedback task to inform the employee of approval or rejection will ensure the correct employee (the process owner) receives this.

By assigning these tasks to those user roles, each one will be shown to the user role assigned as it comes up in the process. However, the process owner will remain the employee who started the process initially and will receive all role unassigned tasks.

Assigned user roles in Home and Run

Assigning user roles to tasks in Map will change how tasks are viewed in Run and Home. If a user role has been assigned to a task, then in Home and Run, they will see status of a task as Ready. In this case, they will be able to claim it for themselves.

Once claimed, the task status will display as Reserved and the correct name will appear in the assigned to section.

If you want more information on this, we have a whole article on Task Statuses and Actions.

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