What you will find in this guide to Home:


On the left hand side of the screen, you can see your navigation bar. This will be here regardless of where you are. You can easily navigate through to anywhere you need to be by clicking on the corresponding section.

The core navigation options are:


This will take you to the Home section where you can see a breakdown of active Tasks as well quickly navigate to other sections of Play


Here you can run the processes and tasks you’ve created or processes and tasks which have been assigned to your user role or roles


Here you can find the processes you have access to run or edit


Here you can create processes from scratch

When you land on Home, this is what you will see in the navigation:


By clicking the Chat icon in the left bottom corner you can ask our support team any questions you might have about Atlas Play. If an appropriate article is available, our Help Center will provide it – and you can search it at any time. Otherwise, one of our 24/7 support staff will review your message and respond to you as soon as possible.

Exploring Features

Here you have access to the main Atlas Play features: Map, Share and Run. You will be able to read guides and follow tutorials from there.

Viewing your Tasks in Home

Your new Tasks are displayed in this area. This selection of Tasks is auto-refreshed every 8 seconds.

Seeing all Tasks

Where can you view ALL of your tasks?

By clicking on See all tasks you are directed to Run.

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