In this article we'll be looking at Role Assigned Tasks and how they can be claimed and released. We have another article if you want an overview of Task Statuses and Actions that covers aspects not covered here!

When a task is assigned and ready

If a task is already assigned to your role and is waiting to be started, it will appear in Run with the status 'ready'. This means that you, or any user with a matching role, can claim it.

Claiming a task

You can do this by selecting the status and then from the dropdown box, selecting claim.

NB. Using Start action from Ready will both Claim and Start the task.

This will change the task status to reserved, and in the bottom right hand corner you will see that the task is now assigned to your name.

Releasing a role assigned task

When you've had a task assigned to your role and claimed it, you may want to release it and allow another user with the matching user role(s) to claim it.

If you click the status in the reserved state and select release, it will do just that.

NB. If a task is already assigned to you as the process owner, the claim and release actions do not apply to the task. In this case if you need to pass the task to another user to carry out, you will need to use the reassign process owner function instead.

When choosing to release a task, you will have to provide a reason option. This is just a way of keeping track of why a task has been released.

Select a reason option from the drop down provided and press continue.

You will now see that the task status has changed from Reserved to Ready. That means this particular task can be claimed by anyone with the matching user role(s).

In the bottom right, you'll see that your name has been replaced with your role.

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