Within Run, where you can see all of your active tasks, you have the option to sort and filter your tasks based on a number of different options.

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Sorting your tasks

In the top bar of Run you will see a search field, filters, and your sorting options.

If you click on the sorting options you will be given a drop down box with a number of different ways of sorting your tasks.

One particularly useful option here is the due date sorting option. This will put all of your tasks in order of when they need to be completed by, according to their due date.

Filtering your tasks

Between the search field and the sorting options, you’ll see the filters button. If you give it a click, the filtering options will be visible.

NB: Changing the 'filter by' option will also change your 'search by' option.

Filter by type: This option is pretty straight forward and allows you to filter, alphabetically, by either the task name, process name, or text tags.

Filter by priority: This option allows you to filter your tasks and see all of your current tasks that are either high priority, medium priority, or low priority.

Filter by date: Here you have to different options, each of which comes with it’s own sub options.

Due date: Here you can choose to filter your tasks by due dates which are Today, Tomorrow, Next 7 Days, or Overdue. You can also filter by Custom Date.

Date tags: Here you can choose to filter your tasks by date tags including Last 24 Hours, Next 24 Hours, Next 48 Hours, Next 7 Days, or Next 14 Days. You can also filter by Custom Date.

How to filter by custom date

By clicking on Custom, both for Due Date and Date Tags, you will be shown a date range. You can choose a specific day, by selecting the same day in both From and To, or specify a range, ie. 28/04/2021 to 30/04/2021.

Once you're happy with the filters you have chosen, hit APPLY FILTERS and you will shown only the tasks that match your filter choices.

If you want to get rid of your filters, simply hit Clear filters and they will be removed!

Setting favourites

Once you've configured your search and filter criteria, you may want to save them to save time when entering them in future. If so, set a favourite. To find out more, read our article Using Favourites in Atlas Play

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