The Monitoring feature in Atlas Play allows you to take a bird's eye view of your processes. You can view the progress that has been made, by you or assigned user roles, statistics and information that's been collected or called via an API. You can also preview the outcomes of processes and tasks based on input.

What you can see in Monitoring

Monitoring shows you a variety of important, interesting and useful data from Tasks in Processes that are in progress.

Process progress

While a Task is being run, you can view the Process progress by expanding the Process Diagram. Completed and in progress Tasks are displayed with a purple outline.

You can enter Monitor view by clicking the Monitor button in the top right hand corner of the display. The Monitor view details apply after a Task has been completed

Completing your Task

Once each entry for your Task has been completed you are ready to hit the Complete button.

The Run view will show you've completed the Task and you will prompt you to take a look at Monitoring or to look for your next Task.

You can switch from Monitor to Run, using the Run button at the top right.

Task statistics

Task statistics display global data about the task as shown above. This data relates to every instance of this version of the task that has been run over its lifetime.

Task data

Task data, on the other hand, shows only data from this iteration of this instance of the Task you are monitoring. It can show any data collected by the task, including any data pulled in by an API.

If the task instance has executed previously for other iterations (generally as task on a backwards loop) a Load More button will be displayed. Selecting this will display data captured on previous iterations.

The data set from the Load More button includes task system parameters as well as the user entries and any API data.

This data can include:

  • When the task was completed

  • Who the task was completed by

  • How many times the task was completed

  • Other assorted data associated to status changes

By selecting different Tasks, that have been completed, in the diagram, you can see data from each Task within a process if you have permission to see that Task.

NB: If you have permission to run the next Task in the current Process, you can select it in the Process Diagram. For more information on completing a task and starting a new one, check out our complementary article here!

How to access Monitoring

To access Monitoring you have two options:

1 - You can access Monitoring from the Task Card in Run by clicking on the Monitor button.

2 - You can also access Monitoring from within your Tasks, by clicking the Monitor button in the top right hand corner of the interface

NB: You can access monitoring only on tasks you are running, unless you are the process owner. To learn how to reassign ownership, read our help article on the subject

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