Versioning helps you keep things aligned, but what happens when you are linking a subprocess via a Call Activity and this has updated to a new version?

Currently, this would continue to call the previously linked subprocess version from your parent process – which is why you will need to update this manually by simply selecting the latest version of the subprocess.

How to update the subprocess version

Step 1

In the parent process, click on the relevant Call Activity task and, in the sidebar, remove the current subprocess link by clicking on the x icon.

Step 2

Now click on the select process button to proceed with the updating of the subprocess.

Step 3

This will open a search popup where you can search for the new version of subprocess you are calling by typing its name. In the returned list, you will see all the matching published versions of the subprocess.

Step 4

Make sure you select the most recent version of the subprocess, which will be the subprocess with the higher version number – for example, Version 3.0. This will align the subprocess in the Call Activity to the new version.

After selecting the new process, you can publish the parent process again and everything will be aligned to the latest version.

All done!

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