Versioning helps you keep things aligned, but what happens when you are linking a subprocess via a Service Task and this has updated to a new version?

Currently, this would continue to call the previously linked subprocess version from your parent process – which is why you will need to update this manually by simply changing the ID in the link.

Step 1

Start by getting the process template ID from the URL on the Map view of the subprocess before you publish it.

You can locate the process template ID within the URL as it follows /templates/ and is an alphanumeric code, such as the example below:

Step 2

After getting the ID, you can publish the updated subprocess and go back to the parent process. There, select the relevant Service task that does the subprocess call, to edit it.

Step 3

In the URL field, you will need to replace the subprocess template ID with the ID of the latest published version.

For example, if this was the current URL:

You would need to change it by integrating the new ID after /workflowTemplate/. By doing that, the URL would change to:

This will align the subprocess to the new version.

Pro tip

By using annotation on the Service Task you can note the current subprocess version and that will help with version changes.

After changing the URL, you can finally publish the parent process and everything will be aligned to the latest version.

All done!

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