If you need to reassign a process to another user, in order for a task to be assigned to someone else to run, you can do it with a few clicks directly from Run.

By clicking on the more icon next to the process name and version in your task card, you will be able to click on Reassign process owner.

What does that mean? You can reassign ownership of the current process to another user with run permissions on the specified version.

Simply start typing the email address of the desired user in the field, then click on Reassign. Once reassignment is completed, the new owner will receive an email notification and you will no longer be able to access the process.

Reassign Ownership Scenario

Sales Scenario

This is an example of how Reassign Process Ownership could be used in a real life sales scenario.

In a Sales Process for Sales Executives to follow up on Sales Opportunities, a Sales Executive is on leave and unable to run a task assigned to them. By using the reassign process owner feature, the Sales Executive can pass their task on to one of their colleagues to carry on their task.

It's important to note that in this scenario only this specific task to run would be assigned to the colleague, while for permanent changes (for example changing the Sales Executive assigned to a Sales Opportunity and see changes in the associated dashboards) the original Sales Process would need to be manually changed.

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