Your small, agile, flexible team might be mapping, sharing, running and improving your processes, but it’s your company as a whole that’s going to be using them day to day and benefiting from the efficiency they provide.

This step is all about bringing that holistic view of your company to the forefront. Taking the time to explain the benefits of your efforts and the work you’ve done with Atlas Play. Demonstrating how the newly modeled business processes will benefit your company and your employees by increasing efficiency, removing confusion, avoiding pitfalls and maximising output.

To bring your staff up to speed you’ll need to focus on a few key areas:

  • Introducing your staff to user roles

  • Demonstrating how a process progresses from the user side

  • Enabling your IT staff

With a properly trained staff your need for micromanagement dissipates. Time spent spot fixing errors in a flow reactively can be spent putting into practice lessons learned. Your company can operate independently at every level and you can put the human elements to work innovating, creating new avenues for revenue growth and pushing your business, brand and profile to the next level.

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