While the journey of process maturity is ongoing, proper steps into a 4IR world is going to mean integration from end-to-end. Whatever your business is and whatever your company does, you will likely have varied and disparate systems that will benefit from proper integration.

Your processes reaching higher levels of maturity mean you should be in the position to integrate them across mobile devices, fixed PCs, networks and the people involved in various steps of the process.

To fully integrate your business processes you’ll need to complete some important tasks:

  • Integrating Atlas Play with your existing IT systems

  • Integrating Atlas Play with your HR systems

  • Integrating Atlas Play with your equipment

  • Automating production with Atlas Play

  • Utilising mobile connections

Proper integration means less unseen pitfalls, less holes for productivity to fall into and a clearer image of what’s happening every step of the way. With IIoT technology becoming near ubiquitous, integration is the key to maximising the benefits that this technology offers and boosting your efficiency at every point in a production process.

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