Why do you want to achieve digital transformation?

This might seem obvious or the answer might be slightly out of reach. Is there something specific in your business that you want to overhaul? Are you aware that competitors are getting the edge on you with new technologies? Having a clear idea of why you want to change will inform your journey.

NB: Remember to be flexible. Your goals, motivations and ideas will probably change the more you learn about and implement fourth industrial revolution (4IR) technologies, methodologies, and practices.

Who is going to be involved?

Take a look at the people you have available, the roles they fill and the time they have to dedicate to being a part of your digital transformation. Put together your team and make sure they have shared knowledge that covers your whole business.

They need to be agile and flexible, ready to contribute ideas and put them into practice. Make sure they know that they have autonomy, this isn’t a team that needs micro-management.

This team will need to lay out some initial groundwork:

By working through each of the steps above, your team should start building an understanding of the benefits of digital transformation. If your agile, flexible team are completely or in part new to 4IR advances and business automation software, then we can help you learn the basics.

By design, Atlas Play works best when you keep things simple, start small, and develop continuously. That makes the learning process much easier and should put at ease anyone who is worried about learning a whole new skill.

You can learn everything you need to know about digital transformation by learning to use and putting into use Atlas products. Our learning resources have everything you need to know about using Atlas software and the business automation processes.

Whenever you hit a stumbling block or a momentary gap in yours or your team’s knowledge, use the search function here to help clarify the topic and if you can’t find what you want, chat to one of our support team using the integrate contact system.

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