I am often asked, what is the difference between Altas Play and Low code/ No code platforms? On the surface of it, there doesn't seems to be too much difference, both embrace the agile methodology, both are about speed and scale of deployment, and both are disruptive in the marketplace. To answer that question we first have to look at the software DevOps cycle. 

With Low code/ No code platforms it is claimed that the "Code" section of the cycle is 10 times faster than conventional, which may be true. It also gives you the impression that you do not need to be a programmer, which I believe is stretching the truth. You still need to know the principles of ER Diagrams, of objects and instances, of screen design and layouts and styling... and code. Yes code, there no getting away with it, to become proficient with Low code/ No code platforms you need about 6 month to 2 years’ experience with the platform and you need to know how to code.

And on top of that Low code/ No code platforms do not help with the other 7 steps in the devops cycle. With Atlas Play there is no code, you can build and execute your first process within 30 mins. Within a week you are already designing processes that will improve your business. Because there is no development there is no need for a DevOps cycle, therefore the methodologies are different which means, we do the coding so you don't have to.

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