A process is a way of documenting a sequence of tasks carried out to achieve a business activity.

A flow diagram is used, with standard components linked together.

A process is made up of e.g.:

  • a start event (to show where the process starts)

  • an end event (for where the process finishes)

  • tasks (to show what needs to be done)

  • gateways (to show decision points)

  • connections (to show the order of flow between the other components)

At its simplest a process could be a linear flow with start and end events and a couple of tasks in between:

What is in a process?

Which activities are included in a process, depends on what you wish to map and at what level:

  • A high level overview of a main business process, e.g. Hire to Retire end to end process for employees

  • A detailed process with both user and system interactions, e.g. manufacturing a part on a particular machine

Not just for documenting: Running a Process

If documented in sufficient detail, the process can be published and run. This means the same process can be run consistently each time required, and a consistent set of data captured.

User tasks in the process will be presented to the relevant user at the correct point in the sequence, providing and requesting data, e.g.:

  • display instructions

  • display information or data

  • request user entries e.g. numbers, text, selections, filesĀ 

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