Minimum Viable Product or MVP has been adopted into common business talk. MVP is a methodology created by Eric Ries in his "international bestselling sensation" book called The Lean Startup. In his book he advocated build-measure-learn approach to creating a new product or service. Even thought MVP is now commonly talked about but few business really understand the fundamental change that is required to make is work. 

The shift requires you to forget about projects and embrace goals. If you forget projects then it frees you up to embracing change, this is a fundamental step for MVP to work. Change is here forever accepted it, wanted it and loved it . 

Once you except this then you can start to consider MVP, because without change you can not build with MVP, you can not measure or lean from you MVP.

Design/Build a process
Share/Measure the process
Play/Learn from the process

Do it once, Do it Often - multiples time a day until you have a level of maturity that you and you team is happy with.

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